The future of

RowanPay is uniquely positioned to be the standard for
blockchain cross-border remittances.
* The RowanPay network neither requires nor uses any
cryptocurrency to function.

The RowanPay Advantage

RowanPay takes advantage of blockchain technology to excel at cross-border and B2B payments.
Our blockchain offers high frequency throughput with near-instant confirmations.
Below are some of the main features and benefits of using our blockchain.

Instant Verification

Transactions are processed in near real-time. They can also be tracked and verified instantly without the need for time-consuming manual intervention.

Ease of Integration

RowanPay makes it simple to integrate legacy systems rather than replacing them. Simply use our REST APIs to transact with other network partners.

Attack resistant

The Proof of Authority consensus protocol protects against 51% and long range attacks. This results in a blockchain that requires nominal resources to operate.


All data stored on the RowanPay blockchain is encrypted. This helps safeguard privacy and regulatory compliance.

Proof of authority

Transactions and blocks are validated by approved validator nodes. PoA only allows non-consecutive block approval from registered validators.


Use RowanPay in a localized environment or as part of a larger inter-connected network.

Testnet Signup

We are now accepting applications for access to the RowanPay Test Network. You can make simulated transactions with a test account and test companies. All transactions will function as they would normally (in a MainNet) but have no monetary value. You can try out a very real experience working with the payment network of the future. Interested?

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